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2013 New Release

Excellent operability during the lift and fall and slow retrieve.

Good for Using less than 3lb line like, Horse mackerel & trout fishing!


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Item Condition new
Gear Ratio 4.8
weight 200g
Line Capacity Nylon #2/150m Nylon #3/100m PE#0.3/120m PE#0.4/100m
Bearing(Ball/Roller) 10/1
MAX Drag 2kg
Line/Handle Turn 60cm

CERTATE metal body has committed to durability and sturdiness in nine years. Its name has become a testament of unshakable reliability from the very beginning. This certate mug with shield line roller has achieved high durability. It has an air rotor made of high quality, hard and light weight ZAION. It has high sensitivity and infuses all of the latest features. This is a high grade standard of Daiwa Spinning Reel.

Rotational performance, durability and improved further by: mug also shield line roller

The durability and performance has improved by making the mug rotate which also shields the line roller. The mug shield has a waterproof system. The idea was made to make a complete and powerful oil slick “Maguoiru special” which has strong magnetism. It blocks the entry of any seawater particles. The certate is also used in the line of roller waterproof system. It is maintained over the long term to feel a light smooth rotation.

It has a lighter rotating part like the wheel and the rotor system. The rotation of the wheel at the time of the purchase is smooth but as you use it the resistance on the bearing increases. When that happens you can’t get a smooth rotation. One of the factors that increase the resistance on the bearing is the intrusion of foreign matter. It enters at the gap between the rotating units. Crystalized sea water is also a major factor. Another factor is wear and tear. These are the major factors that make rotation rough, to completely prevent the intrusion of sea water into the interior is the only structure packing. Previously, if you use for packing it in direct contact with the axis of rotation, it forced to sacrifice the lightness of the rotation.

All of those problems were solved by the mag shield. By creating an oil slick and powerful magnet and ferromagnet succeeded in maintaining smooth rotation and waterproofing. Certate is also used in the line roller mag shield. It protects the rotating part of the line roller from receiving direct seawater. Long lasting comfort and smooth light winding in harsh environments is now available


Original arch form that embodies the near future of a spinning reel

The “Air Rotor” has a new shape that achieves extreme lightness by utilizing the hardness of Zion which scraped off the excess fat which makes it look lighter at a glance. There is great sense to have sufficient strength as part of the reel because the arch has its own unique premises. This was obtained by “framing” the parts of the rotor that was present as “chunks” with both high strength and lightness. You will feel this is the new rotation of the rotor which produces a different dimension. You can clearly see the difference between the conventional rotors.

Bring lightness and smoothness, sensitivity on the one

As a result of changes in the material, like the shape of the air rotor that has been adopted for the first time at 10 certate. The rotor units will 20% reduction in weight. (2500 Size: 10 Certate ratio). Less resistance is felt when the inertial force of rotation is reduced small and lightweight rotor parts, such as the handle, turn the handles. It is easier to feel the changes in water resistance and therefore you can easily feel the movements of the lure making them easier to retrieve. This is a very important which could make or break a day’s fishing. You can be confident to catch fish even if you are not in the right spot and you can catch fish on your own without adding any number of hands. The air rotor certate is awesome. It has the strength and additional lightness features. The arch structure of the rotor is well positioned to air balance the load maximizing its strength with its low weight.

New material in excess of magnesium in lightness and rigidity

Lightness and strength are new materials to achieve both high-dimensional unprecedented elements contrary, the "Zion”. Same magnesium ratio weight is known that has an ultra-lightweight metal sturdiness (flexural modulus). It is carbon-based and immune to rust. It isn’t too much to say that this material is exactly made to be a reel. At 13, Certate has adopted ZAION in the rotor. With its toughness while being lightweight and able to detect small signals from the water, it became the major characteristic of the Certate – the toughness and sensitivity.


“ABS" which means "anti-backlash system" has a structure that releases the spool line without having any trouble. The flight distance is extended by making the reverse taper winding surface in large-diameter. With this the line spool is less likely to be pushed forward. The line trouble backlash is erased. Furthermore a large diameter spool is now common and contributes to the improvement of the winding speed and drag performance. ABS II will review the spool ring shape which reduces the resistance during the cast. With this the performance has increased more.

UTD Ultimated Tournament Drag

It is added with oil and has a durable, high-performance, high-felt and high density washer which eliminates the biting initial start on drag. It makes it smooth, stable and tightens it. Combined with accuracy and robustness it can fight back once the fish initiates.

Twist Buster

By spending a tapered line roller when you roll the yarn the yarn deviates from its course. This has been resolved, it prevents the yarn from going out of its course which is the main problem of the spinning reel. It dramatically reduces the line trouble which gives you a comfortable fishing.

Ultra duralumin - Desi large caliber machine cut gear II

DAIWA’s own digital design technology has evolved. In order to achieve the ideal tooth surface it uses ultra-precision cutting machines which are aided by the digital technology. It has tooth surface accuracy of more than twice the number of gears forged. Durability is improved by performing a special lapping on the drive gear which gives you the best balance of the drive gear and pinion gear.

Ultra-precision super metal body

It uses a Super Metal called Aluminum alloy. By applying the technique of the ultra-precision machine it cuts down the super metal and achieves a higher precision. It has evolved to become stronger than conventional technology. The Microlevel fusion and assembly and processing of the materials used were developed. This leads to a silky smooth rotation performance.

Cross Wrap

This is an important factor to accurately reduce the line trouble winding. It adopts the method of winding large yarn and winding angle “cross wrap” which has a cross-wound method to prevent the displacement of the yarn and the bite of the line to the spool winding yarn. Reduction of line trouble is noticeable when using the PE line filament and in particular, at the same time achieves a comfortable flying.

CRBB system

CRBB has further evolved and enhances the durability than traditional CRBB. The Potential of the reel is enhanced by the right man in the right place which uses the new CRBB.

Silent Oscillation

Silent oscillation that combines durability and quietness with the reduction of sliding resistance and the light weight which achieves a uniform state winding yarn..

Tough Drive Gear

In order to drive a durable gear, size also matters, not only the strength of the material. Efficiency in winding is achieved by installing a large diameter drive gear. It significantly improved its durability. Coupled with the use of the material significantly improves the durability of course extra super duralumin.


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